GMLV Beach Day 2016

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GMLV Beach Day2

Ray’s Pool House

Every year, Loretta and Ray celebrate GMLV’s creative spirit by closing the office and inviting the entire company for a day at the beach to reward the hard work and accomplishments throughout the year.

The GMLV Gang

This year’s annual beach day was held at Ray’s pool house by the Jersey Shorewhere we all had a blast. Ray (our very own Executive Chef) grilled steaks, hot dogs, and hamburgers, which was tastefully paired with his famous Piña Coladas and vibrant music. We had all the ingredients for an awesome pool party.

Ray and Steven BBQ-ing

David Enjoying the Shore




 Everybody bonded by playing football in the pool and  relaxing under the sun. The after-party continued at  the beach where we all watched the sunset while  catching Pokémon – Gotta catch ‘em all!TM

 The team is grateful for Ray and Loretta’s hospitality  and a perfect day off.

– Lisa Ganansia
(Paris, France)