GMLV Helps Launch The DPASS™ Airport Kiosk Program— The Newest Out-of-the-Box, “Inside the Box” Branding Concept

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DPASS™ Allows Lifestyle Brands the Opportunity to Connect with Millions of Airline Passengers Every Day


GMLV has helped Departure Lab, a lifestyle branding company, bring the DPASS™ Airport Kiosk program to life.  DPASS™, standing for Departure Point Airport Service System, are self-service kiosks featuring free gifts for travelers. Departure Lab launched the first ever DPASS™ kiosk at the Philadelphia International Airport in July where airline passengers can receive a “w;nk” packet, a towelette designed for all personal electronic devices.  Barnes & Noble is the featured “w;nk” sponsor for the Philadelphia test.

The idea behind DPASS™ was simple—offer passengers free and useful gifts to help enhance their travel experience and give brands the opportunity to advertise their messages and connect with potential customers. DPASS™ is advertising re-imagined.  The DPASS™ kiosk is an out-of-the-box (in the box) non-traditional media format expected to create major impact for both consumers and brands alike.

There are over 2 million airline travelers everyday in the United States alone and each passenger spends an average of 90 minutes in an airport. With that in mind, Departure Lab saw the need to bring enhanced passenger experiences back to airports across the country.

“Our goal is to bring luxury back to airline travel,” said Diane Giotto, President of Departure Labs and creator of DPASS™. The need for something like this was apparent and we are already seeing great response from travelers in Philadelphia.  With that in mind, we look forward to bringing this concept to additional airports nationwide and launching other programs tailored to travelers.”

DPASS™ selected GMLV as its marketing agency because of the extensive experience and successful track records of GMLV founders, Ray Levy and Loretta Volpe, with startups and new concepts.

“We are excited to bring this concept to life.  The objective is simple—make a favorable impression for consumers without asking them to purchase anything and help brands break through the clutter with a powerful marketing tool.  It is essentially a mobile billboard delivered directly into the passenger’s hand and the possibilities are truly endless.” – Loretta, Partner, GMLV