GMLV Member, Adriana Rivera, has book signing at Barnes & Noble

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At GMLV, Adriana Erin Rivera is known as a smart and dedicated Media Planner and Integrated Marketing Specialist.  Adriana started working for us while she was still an undergraduate at the Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT), where GMLV Founding Partner Loretta Volpe is also a Professor and Chair of the  Direct and Interactive Marketing Department.  So, Loretta –  who has an eye for talent and a successful record of mentoring, hiring and supervising many Media Directors and Supervisors – immediately invited Adriana to intern at GMLV last year, after Adriana “aced” one of Loretta’s more challenging Marketing Courses.  And…after graduating from FIT, Adriana joined GMLV as a full time Media Planner and Integrated Marketing Specialist.  While we and the clients who have worked with Adriana have quickly grown to respect and appreciate her skills, even we didn’t know just how far and wide her talents extended.   With little fanfare and in her own quiet and unassuming way, we discovered that about the time she joined GMLV, Adriana was also putting the finishing touches on her first novel, Swing Sets.

As the Media Agency of Record for Barnes & Noble we’re used to planning media events for authors/writers from all over the United States. We also know that to be a published author can take years of planning, writing, re-writing, and writing some more.  To most, completing a novel and getting it published is truly an enviable feat and something most people might feel to be slightly beyond their reach.  Until she finished Swing Sets, we had no idea that Adriana was also an accomplished and talented story teller.

Swing Sets  is the story of a recent college graduate, Josefina Ruiz, who finally reaches her 21st birthday.  Rather than celebrating with cake and balloons, she is met with a surprise gift from her parents that turns her life upside down. By accepting her parents’ challenge of moving out of her childhood home and finding a career job, Josefina learns that adult life is more difficult than she expected.

In September of 2014, Adriana came in the office with her very first physical copy of Swing Sets. Wow! What an accomplishment. Who knew that our quiet colleague had something so big up her sleeve?

On February 19th 2015, Adriana had her very first book signing and reading at Barnes and Noble at the Fashion Institute of Technology in Manhattan. Many members of GMLV attended and supported Adriana. Her reading was effortless yet very polished. The event brought a full house and we couldn’t be more excited for her.  Look out for future signings and events with Adriana!

Check out her website here:

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