Partners visit NJCB Breakfast Club to explain Branding

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This past week Partners Loretta Volpe and Nunzio Esposito visited North Jersey Community Bank (@NJCBank) to speak at the Women’s Breakfast Club about branding. It was an early meeting of the minds at NJCB headquarters located in Englewood Cliffs, NJ. The morning started with ample coffee, Loretta’s fuel, and tons of breakfast treats. With VP of Relationship Banking Officer Jehan Sanders as the moderator, the attendees encompassed a who’s who of professional/entrepreneurial women in the area.

Topics covered began with the basics such as “what is branding”, “branding touch points”, “the importance of your brand” and “how to apply it to yourself”. Whether it be applied to your company, yourself with personal branding or in outlets in traditional and digital media it’s important to have it be a cohesive application. Never deviate from your core message.

Jehan or Gigi as we so affectionately call her, (@jehantsanders) was live tweeting some of our touch points which gave the audience a good understanding of branding:

“Branding is not only how u see urself but rather how ur clients see you…” LV
“Branding…It’s important to bridge the gap between you and your company..” Nunz
“Research is key… It’s important to manage your brand..” LV
“…there are attributes and benefits of a brand… One hour a week dedicate to ur brand…” LV

In closing we wanted to say thank you to Gigi and NJCB for having us come in and speak at this month’s Breakfast Club. It was refreshing for us all to feel the energy at the bank. We can tell it’s a better place to be not only because of its people, but for its core mission in truly caring for its customers and the community.

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