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Director of Digital Media

Madhavi Saifee

Madhavi Saifee is the Director of Digital Media at GMLV. With her extensive experience in developing and implementing digital brand strategies for over 20 years, Madhavi has helped publishers and marketers restructure their digital business models, offering clients a unique point of view on how to target audiences and properly optimize budgets.

Madhavi has strong creative instincts balanced with strategic and analytical capabilities that result in the delivery of successful digital marketing campaigns across a multitude of industries. In fact, she’s is so fanatical about the digital industry that she is ushering in the new wave of digital marketers by teaching digital marketing at FIT (Division of State University of NY).

Beyond the college student, she is a strong believer in STEM education in all our schools so she volunteers her time with JerseySTEM (a local nonprofit) on how to close the gap in STEM education in local school systems in underserved communities.

In addition to being an active member at of many professional organizations, Madhavi has spoken at many local Chambers of Commerce and at the Mid-Atlantic Newspaper Advertising and Marketing Executives Conference.  Madhavi was also the Chairperson of Online Initiatives Steering Committee at the NJ Press Association. She has a Master’s Degree in Communications, focused on New Technology Management, from the USC Annenberg School.