Adding a Gem’s to Social Media

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Social Media has taken the world by storm and its not only the main topic of discussion in the advertising, marketing, and PR world, but also with the general public. We are addicted to this information. We want to know all of what is going on with people, companies, and brands with an up to the minute announcement. One of our fully integrated clients, Route 23 Honda, understands the dynamic of social media and not only has embraced its presence at their brick and mortar, but is also using it to build the customer experience.

Besides offering insight on Honda Corporate, deals and offers at the dealership, and nice tidbits on the people that makeup the family, they are focused on overall customer appreciation. The “Thank You” is their primary focus and its showing! Weekly their user-generated ratings are at the highest available, and the members that make up this family are smiling. The picture above is a nice “Thank You” for coming into the Service Department and making the customer aware of some current offerings and contests.

Recently the Facebook game that is being used to generate awareness is slowly and positively making headway. Gem Swap II, an app that is built into the Facebook page gives followers a chance to win a Kindle Fire. A way for Route 23 Honda to thank its followers for continued support digitally. Yes, yes… its a game that is addicting and bi-weekly posts are posted on the feed to let people aware of who is winning the race. This is just one tool of many to keep the overall approach to social media active at the dealership. There are check-in deals, links to coupons, and even the almighty Otis Meyer Cookies baked fresh daily to greet customers as they pick up their cars.

Route 23 Honda gets it, and gets it BIG! With a very progressive approach to marketing, the customer experience at this dealership is shining. They always have in the past, but now they have many more outlets to get this noticed! So follow them on Facebook, enter the Gem Swap II game and win your Kindle Fire today 😉 – @nownunz

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