Route 23 Honda Leap List

8 years ago - by admin - Automotive - Blog - Our People

Check out how we have aided Rt 23 Honda in taking a big leap this year utilizing Traditional, Digital and Social Marketing. With the launch of the 2012 Honda CR-V, we have put together the “Leap List” campaign. We’ve created a web banner that will be present on the new CR-V microsite, along with an on-site display banner for the dealership, showcasing employees at Route 23 Honda. The display will allow customers and employees to list what they wish to achieve in 2012, in other words their “Leap”. Whenever someone comes into the dealership to look at a car, take a test drive, buy a car, etc., they’ll be given a marker to add their “Leap” to the list. It will be filmed and placed online, integrating traditional and digital tactics. Along with the creative, there is a Twitter campaign, #route23hondalist, where followers can tag their tweets to see what others are doing to “Make the Leap” this year.

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