Well Wishes for Maryanne!

6 years ago - by admin - Blog - Our Culture - Our Industry - Our People

The time has come for one of our long term colleagues and close friend, Maryanne, to retire from GMLV.

maryanne(Photo caption: Maryanne’s farewell breakfast on her last day)


Maryanne has been with GMLV for many years. She always brings positive energy to the office and her laugh is contagious to all. Maryanne is one of the most kind, loving, reliable person and friend that anyone could have.  She is a diligent worker but she sure knows how to have fun at the same time.

Although we are sad to see her go, we are so excited for Maryanne to start her new, retired, life in Savannah, Georgia with her husband.  She will definitely be missed but we wish her the very best!!